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Why Professional Surveyors?

By now you have likely seen the news story coming from Nova Scotia regarding the man who discovered that his house purchase did not include the back yard as he was led to believe.

CBC Investigates: 1st-time home-buyer stunned to discover new backyard isn’t his

Radio interview with home-owner

Similar situations continue to arise across the country. Home owners should be aware that while title insurance insures the mortgager (the bank) against potential deficiencies in title, it does not insure a landowner against misrepresentation of boundaries.

The only way to be certain that the parcel one is buying is as represented by the seller and the Realtor is to consult a professional land surveyor prior to purchase, or to require a current survey as part of the conditions of sale. Only Professional Land Surveyors have the required knowledge, training and skills to confirm parcel boundaries, as recognized by land survey legislation in all provinces and territories of Canada.

Experts explain different types of home insurance in CBC article.

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