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Delorey Land Surveys Inc.


At DeLorey Land Surveys we have the experience and the knowledge to handle a wide variety of projects and developments. Below are some example projects we have completed.


DeLorey Land Surveys has years of experience working with property owners and housing developers. We can provide services such as surveyors location certificate, legal boundary surveys, subdivision surveys, plot plans and other services.


DeLorey Land Surveys has formed many solid working relationships with commercial developers through the years. We bring our experience and professionalism to the job site, as well as our commitment to the client.


We have a history of partnering with industrial and municipal clients to work with them to take a project from the planning to completion. Our services include: municipal and land development surveys, municipal applications/approvals, subdivision surveys, boundary surveys, site surveys and topographic surveys, pipeline and power line surveys.

Office: 902-232-2350

Cell: 902-867-8767

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