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Delorey Land Surveys Inc.

About Us

Delorey Land Surveys Inc. was incorporated in 1985, with its head office in Linwood, Antigonish Co., Nova Scotia, Canada.

The combination of practical experience, sound management, the latest in advanced geomatics technology and software allows Delorey Land Surveys Inc. to offer a high standard of varied professional services in a timely and cost-effective manner. This blend of experience and technology means the successful completion of both large and small projects for a variety of clients.

Over the past 29 years, we have consistently provided reliable services in the geomatics industry. Through hundreds of construction, boundary, subdivision, topographic and aerial mapping projects, we have demonstrated our competence and capabilities in providing quality services.

Delorey Land Surveys Inc. serves a broad clientele for the retracement of property boundaries. Our licensed surveyor and knowledgeable staff have many years of experience in boundary surveying and the preparation of plans. We have carried out extensive surveys for the average home owner ( 1 Lot) to the large developer (50+ Lots).

Together with the services provided to major developers, a large part of our business is providing surveying services to residential home owners.

Office: 902-232-2350

Cell: 902-867-8767

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